Cozumel | Shower Gel


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Our stunning Laboratorio Olfattivo shower gels are rich in honey, plant proteins, wheat, oats and d-panthenol - also known as the 'beauty vitamin'. Soft and gentle, our gels deeply moisturizes the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, perfumed and silky. They can also be used on both the body and hair. 

The Accords

Top notes of bergamot and Vietnamese basil.
Mid notes of clary sage, Indian hemp, blonde tobacco and amber.
Base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, incense and tonka bean.

The Fragrance

You're immediately met with the freshly chopped basil notes, but almost immediately sense hints of whisky and maple notes of tobacco. It follows through with the help of the Indian Hemp and leaves you with a smokey wood scent to round off this wild fragrance. Each time you smell Cozumel, it pulls you closer and closer towards the Mexican coastline on a hot day.

The Perfumer

Marie Duchêne