As a lover of high style and fashion, you understand the joy of an ensemble that reflects the confidence and self-possession within. You also know that you’re never fully dressed without the proper accessories, including your favourite luxurious Eau de Parfum made from only the highest quality ingredients.

Laboratorio Olfattivo brings you quality unisex [genderless], fragrances that are crafted by expert pefumers who know how to combine ingredients for scents that project your love for the best things in life. 

The perfumes are available in both 30ml and 100ml bottles.  A Beautiful  gift box  that  further adds that little bit of  luxury as a present for yourself or loved one.

From citrus scents that tantalise to woody ones that transport your soul, there’s a fragrance or two to help elevate your personal sense of style. Choose from any of our Italian perfume products to find a fragrance that will  suit every occasion.

We also have discovery kits available that let you experience all of our fragrances according to your own time frame, so that you find a scent that you’re sure to adore.


Need_U by Laboratorio Olfattivo


From $145.00